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Human and environmental health is very important to us. That's why we only bake in organic quality and rely on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Growth in the sense of learning, maturing is important to us, regionality and a cooperative relationship with our customers and suppliers are of great importance to us. 

We mainly process high-quality, regional products in our studio (not a shop). This includes our flour from the regional mill, fruit from regional farmers and eggs from the neighborhood. Nevertheless, high-quality chocolate from Belgium should not be missing, because it is the only way our creations are complete.

Verena Julia Schnell 1


The most important thing for me: 100% taste, a great design and lots of love! My name is Verena - passion became a vocation. It all started when I was looking for a wedding cake for my own wedding. I didn't want a standard catalog cake, I wanted something personalized, made with love for us; something that reflected our preferences both in terms of taste and appearance and took intolerance into account. My husband suffers from a milk protein allergy and therefore has to avoid all dairy products.


That's how I started to get involved with food ingredients and processing techniques. I created the first recipes, tested new processes and combined tastes. In addition to dairy-free cakes and cupcakes, I now also bake gluten-free or traditionally with dairy products. There are no limits for your creativity. In December 2021 I obtained the special permit in the confectionery trade from the Nuremberg Chamber of Crafts for cakes, cakes and cupcakes and can now also put my works for sale.


In February 2022 we founded Sahne&Kirsch in Erlangen, in the picturesque Eltersdorf district. With the support of our partners, we were able to set up a state-of-the-art bakery in the basement of our house, which was of course inspected and approved by the food inspectorate. This means we have family and work close together, which absolutely benefits our children.


thanks to the dedicated work on Instagram (@sahneundkirsch_) we were able to gain loyal customers right from the start. Enjoy a variety of sweet treats with us, all handmade from high-quality ingredients and with great attention to detail.

Who If you visit Sahne&Kirsch, you will find that we are in a dead end. Our customer parking lot is at the end of the street. Get out and press the bell. Now go down the stairs and your nose will begin to pick up the first delicious smells of freshly baked cakes. Welcome to the Sahne&Kirsch studio.

Sahne&Kirsch Rührmaschinen .HEIC
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